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Redworms Redworms

For compositing, the redworm or "red wiggler" (Elsenia fetida) is by far the worm of choice. Just one pound of redworms can consume up to one pound of organic matter per day. They are also very fast reproducers. Given the proper conditions, redworms can produce one egg capsule per adult per week with an average of four baby worms per egg.

Along with breeding quickly, they leave behind their poop, or castings, which is considered "Black Gold" to gardeners. Not only do you save from filling up landfills by vermicomposting, you can use the castings to feed your plants or gardens. As each year passes, vermicomposting is getting more popular and the redworm is the worm to use. Compost King

Along with being the best worm for composting, redworms make great bait for Bream, Crappie, and trout.


All of our worms are shipped USPS Priority Mail. All prices includes shipping and we guarantee live delivery. For more information on delivery options, see the Shipping section below.

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Heat Advisory

Redworms have no cooling system and when they are shipped when temperatures are in the high 80's and 90's and transported by truck that can get very hot in excess of 150 degrees. Worms are shipped on Monday or Tuesday so you should get them Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. It is best to order your worms in the spring or fall when temps are not as hot. If you order worms during hot weather I cannot guarantee live delivery. It is in the best interest of the buyer to call the post office and have them to be on the lookout for them or leave a note in your mailbox so your carrier will look for them and hold them at the post office so they won't have to ride in the oven on wheels or be put in your mailbox to cook. When placing a order between the months of June through August the heat advisory warning is in place and you may want to call me to see if shipping is feasible. I clearly mark all boxes Live Worms & Perishable.

Cold Advisory

Due to cold weather in the months of December, January, and February, please email harriswormfarm@aol.com or call us before placing an order.